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Colour Kit Application Instructions



Please read instructions fully before beginning. Unpack and lay out all tools - this will make it easier once you get started. Place a towel around your neck and put on gloves. Always wear clothing that you do not mind staining - splashing happens to the best of us. We suggest wearing a top that is easily removable once your colour is applied (button down or zip front top).


Pour the bottle labeled developer roots into the jar labeled custom colour roots and mix very well (or close jar and shake vigorously) until fully incorporated - this should result in a creamy consistency.


Use the fine tip of the colour brush to part your hair down the middle and apply the colour mixture to the root area only, taking all sections horizontally (1/4-1/2” thick sections), starting at the centre part and working towards the ear. Repeat steps on the other side of your part.


Now that you have completed the sides of your hair we will move onto the back. Starting at the crown/top of the head take horizontal sections across the back - working down towards the neck.


This step only applies if you are also applying your lengths colour - if you are only applying your root colour skip to step 6. Repeat steps 1-4 (mix bottle labeled developer ends into jar labeled custom colour ends) only apply the colour below the root and to the tips of your hair.


Next, wipe the hairline to avoid staining the skin. If you do get colour on any surface, clothing or your skin try to wipe it as soon as possible - the longer it sits the more it will stain. Any staining on the skin will come off naturally when showering or washing your face.


Process roots and/or ends for 30 minutes.

We have provided a sample shampoo and conditioner packet to treat your hair post colour. We highly recommend maintaining your colour with Goldwell or Oribe hair care for long lasting, healthy, beautiful results. Contact us anytime for product recommendations or to order to your home - you can also shop our products on our site here.

Make it a party and have a friend or partner help apply your colour! Tag us in your hair adventures @colourlab12!

The original packaging this colour kit comes in is sealed for your convenience. It will stay active for 3 months before expiring when unopened.

Once finished seal the container and dispose of it. Do not keep any colour that has been exposed to air - it will no longer be active.

We are always here to help - contact us by email at or by phone 416 922 7676