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Partialhighlights are placed around the face for a subtle brightening and framingeffect. If you have not had highlights in a long time and the darkness in theback bothers you we suggest a half or full head of highlights. Partialhighlights are a great option in between half or full head highlightingappointment to keep brightness and dimension. This service achieves a subtlebrightening effect.

starting at180

half head

Half headhighlights are placed around the face, sides and some of the back of the headfor medium brightness. * This service includes a blow dry.

starting at270

full head

Highlightsto brighten face, touch up roots of previous highlights and brighten the backof the head. Full head highlights are placed around the face, sides, and allthe way to the back and nape of the neck for maximum brightness.

* thisservice includes a blow dry.

 starting at 350

money piece

Twohighlights to frame the face. Our signature money piece consists of twohighlights, one placed on either side of the face, to strongly frame the faceand enhance hair colour. This bright frame provides minimal maintenance andgrows out softly. This is a perfect add on service to a root touch up and roottouch up and lengths service. 

starting at80

*All pricesare subject to change without notice.

all over color

root touch-up

A roottouch-up is an application of hair dye to the roots of the hair, to disguisethe fact that hair has grown out, and to make a hair coloring last longer. Roottouch-ups may be done at a salon or at home. To purchase a colour kit instead,visit here. *This service is not a bleach and tone, highlights, or correction”.

 starting at 90

root touch-up (including lengths)

thisservice provides the ability to refresh your hair colour from roots throughends to enhance shine, tone and includes a built in treatment. Using Goldwellhair colour we are able to provide the best possible results. An all over haircolour can darken, refresh, blend grey, add shine and with all natural hairlighten your colour. *This service can not lighten previously colouredhair*.  starting at 105

bleach and tone

when apermanent hair colour just wont achieve your hair goals – we move to a bleach andtone! Touch up your roots with bleach for up to 7 levels of lift. 

starting at350

youth rinse

addsnatural looking colour while neatly blending grey hair in only five minutes.Perfect for men. 

starting at40


wash &style.

 starting at45


Thisservice includes a blow dry.

womenshaircut starting at 95

menshaircut starting at 45